Navicula lyra image crop. Click to see masters. See Klaus Kemp’s website for the range of slides available to purchase. The four adaptors and relay lens supplied enable it to be readily connected to other optical items. Click image for master 1. Seconds, minutes or hours between image captures can be selected.

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A large source 60W enlarger lamp was used. Provides advice on laptop specs. The file is resized from xamera x master. The background subtraction feature is particularly handy as here at the lowest mag settings. A 4-dot calibration slide with micrometer cross-hairs that ensures accurate calibration for precise measurements.

Our new Moticam Pro series take this approach to the CCD scientific level by offering as much as possible in a single box making this series our most powerful and flexible camera series yet. During a session studying pond life for example, if an interesting critter is spotted, the camera can be attached in seconds and stills or video taken.

Camera on the supplied macro stand with 16 mm lens. Moticam with USB 2. When image set, turn off to capture. A personal review of the Moticam digital microscope camera.

For many years, our unique “From Box to Pics” approach has given a wide range of markets unprecedented access to affordable Digital Microscopy. Full screen of Motic Images Plus 2.


Measurement tools can be used both on live images as well as on captured ones, and measurement data can be exported at any time for further analysis. Navicula lyra image crop. Motic Images Advanced 3. The ‘Calibration Wizard’ then clearly instructs the user see example right. The Moticam represents the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to choosing a microscopy camera solution.

Digital Microscope Cameras

Motic Images Plus is an imaging suite included for both PC and Macintosh OSX platforms providing measurement, analysis and sharing tools for teachers, students and researchers alike. With a live image of x pixels through a convenient USB2.

The calibration details are automatically saved in a calibration table shown right. This combination will give you the freedom to continue observing with both eyes, while having the Moticam connected. The four adaptors and relay lens supplied enable it to be readily connected to other optical items.

An attachable camera containing a sensitive professional imaging chip housed inside a C-Mount case including a removable IR cut-off filter. Video is captured by pressing the button in the capture screen. The “All in One Box” Concept At Motic, we strive to ensure that everything that you may need to attach the Moticam to your Microscope is included in one box.

Motic Digital Cameras | Meyer Instruments

Four centring mounts 28 mm, 30 mm, 34 mm, 35 mm with quick release. This new range of cameras is manufactured to stricter tolerances while also benefiting of several efficiencies in production resulting in a cheaper, better line of cameras.


Below right shows the usefulness of the Auto Xamera function. Thanks to its gooseneck style construction with a heavy and sturdy base, the camera can be moved into any position for documentation or a classroom demonstration of any chemistry, physics or biology experiment.

YSC Technologies

Good to know Routine software. The Moticam is perhaps more likely to suit the user requiring images for e. I use the relay lens with other ‘C’ mount cameras like the good value USB monochrome astronomy type for highest mag studies where colour isn’t crucial.

Our well-known Software that comes included with all Moticams has been completely re-designed! A quick try of the webcam with relay lens on 10×40 binoculars gave no vignetting. Left above is a resized full capture. Moticam The Moticam is a high-resolution live imaging microscopy camera.