When a card is inserted into the AGP slot, the integrated graphics of the E are automatically disabled. I don’t know about power connectors. The layout of this board is clean and there were no potentially serious installation problems. In its original case their would have been a fan mounted just above the CPU heatsink, so yeh fan forcing airflow over it is recommended! Intel supplies some useful utilities, including a Windows-based BIOS update tool that works quite well and is much easier to use than the DOS-based version.

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After installing the Micron RAM, the DEEA performance proved to be on par with the other boards, although the memory bandwidth scores lagged a tad. Setup only displays this menu in mltherboard configure mode. Memory Size Increased Memory size has increased since the last boot. The figure legend below lists the colors used. Personally I do not know if a fan is required, it should require a fan as such, and I would allways run a fan.

Intel DEEA, Socket (BOXDEEAA) Motherboard | eBay

Prevent Power Supply Overload Appropriate protection is provided by a maximum 8 A current limiting circuit, or a maximum 5 A fuse, or positive temperature coefficient PTC resistor.

In most cases, this makes little difference, but no fastwrites support makes the chipset ill suited for some high-polygon count 3D content 8d15eea applications. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. So congrats on this purchase.


Like most non-Intel boards these days, you can manually change memory timing, frontside bus speed and core voltage. You can also asynchronously adjust the FSB: It is capable of connecting two drives to the d815ees board.

Intel D815EEA Product Manual

I hope you will have a great time with your new board. Intel is prepping an update to the for the Tualitin. If no memory was added, there may be a problem with the system. In raw scores, the EP Pro came in second, but the overall differences were too minor to be considered relevant.

To extract the BIOS. Moving the jumper with the power on may result in unreliable computer operation. To access this intrl, select Maintenance on the menu bar at the top of the screen.

In motehrboard end, this motherboard is a decent solution for system integrators and white box shops that value stability and Intel support above performance and cost. Unlike the Dell equivalent of the Intel DEEA that Phil did a video on a little while ago, this one doesn’t have the AUX power connector on it although it is clearly the same board, it has the solder points for this connector, but isn’t populateddoes the Gateway version use regular ATX power connector? I haven’t received it yet, but I have a couple of questions.


Overclockers should look elsewhere. Processors A Celeron PPGA and processor For motehrboard latest information on processor support for the board, refer to the Intel desktop board web site at: See page 38 for information about setting the configure mode. To create a bootable diskette using a non-DOS system: Despite the minor layout problems, this is a solid board with a full feature set. Connect the processor fan cable to the processor fan connector see Figure Documentation was adequate for installing and motherbaord up the board, though it could have been a bit clearer on the FSB setting jumper.

Place the fan heatsink on top of the processor see Figure Note that the performance differences between these boards are small, so memory bandwidth is not the deciding factor.

When a card is inserted into the AGP slot, the integrated graphics of the E are automatically disabled. Figure 10 shows the locations of the mounting screw holes. Those cakes make you sick I tell Location of the Diagnostic LEDs Page of 82 Go.