Does all this make sense to any one on TechSpot? Keizer March 31st, When I originally installed my system i used both sets in raid to transfer data from the sata raid to the Intel raid set. Razor Premium Member Mar Can I just use the update drivers feature in device manager to update to the newer drivers? You must log in or sign up to reply here. This defies logic, but the Promise controller has massive buffering which obviously overcomes the PCI data bus.

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RAID setup Asus P4CE deluxe – TechSpot Forums

Having created the initial RAID 0 on the Promise chipset through installing the OS and using F6 to install the Promise drivers setting up the system disk was easy enough.

Your name or email address: Keizer Yes you could do that. Are depuxe seeing the end of the road for the Windows NT kernel? PowerSlave Member Mar 9: That included the necessary typing during the install. Okay now your ready to create the array.

I’ve had my fill of emailing them and waiting two months for a reply, so I haven’t asked yet. Its like one is for using during the F6 operation during the OS install, and the other you would install after Windows is installed. The intel raid is Independent of the sata raid ,so in other words you can run those ports how you want.


What I’m expecting- since I’ve disconected the configured C: Seems to have installed some SCSI drivers too.

Is it better to not use the promise RAID controller? The documentation clearly states that you can set up RAID configurations on either chipset connections.

(ASUS P4CE Deluxe) RAID Setup Questions – PC Hardware | DSLReports Forums

I don’t get this prompt. I just need to make sure that I could still hook up a SATA drive on the promise controller for my storage. On boot up, it would BSOD.

Already have an account? You can find detailed guides for Promise Controllers at www. I was wondering if the two lower SATA connections that are ran by the Promise controller act the same way? You need to load a driver before the RAID volume can be accessed. EXE]that you link to, and the item in my link? On the Abit the intel sata ports are listed as onchip ide controllers and the sata ports are listed as onboard.


Once you create the array, you’ll reboot. The OS would then recognise this setup too with the proper drivers for both chipsets installed and identified in Device Manager.

No you can’t mirror C:.

This is on completely different hardware though, but do keep in mind you may have to reformat and reload. I had to reinstall everything.

Hi, Yes the hdd’s do “match”. I have both shown in my screenshot, copied to a floppy!

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I have not benched it personally to find out what the exact dif is if any. Do you really think the array is worth all asuss trouble? I’ve done extensive benchmarks using several IDE drives and the Raptor, using several different benchmark programs, and the Promise is much faster.

These are the ones that operate the ICH5R chipset. The floppy installation utility has the 3. Keizer MVM Apr