Mckinley August 6, Retrieved May 20, He was screaming profanities at us, and he was also making slitting-throat gestures. Wojciech Braszczok admitted he should have helped Lien as he was being beaten by the bikers. Bratton explained that traditional motorcycle gangs are typically white, rooted in a specific neighborhood, and often are involved in drug dealing. Then he was taken away in ambulance.

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He said he left the scene, feeling it was unsafe, even as he saw Lien being beaten. Alexian Lien, the man seen on video being beaten on a New York highway by a group of bikers, broke down on the witness stand when he testified in the trial of an undercover cop and co-defendant, reports the New Asixn Daily News.

Hit these museum shops for the coolest holiday gifts. One video, shot inshows riders driving recklessly, weaving in and out of traffic, driving on sidewalks, running red lights and surrounding and threatening the driver of a Prius. Wojciech Braszczok admitted he should have helped Lien as he was being beaten by the bikers.

He denies being present for the incident. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Lien told the judge at the non-jury trial in Manhattan Supreme Court that on that Sunday he, his wife Rosalyn and their 2-year-old daughter were headed to New Jersey on a shopping trip to celebrate their wedding anniversary then head back to the city for dinner.


Dad publicly details biker gang beating for first time

He should have remained at the scene at a safe distance so he could observe and help responding officers identify people who were committing the crime.

A motorcyclist flying through a red light nearly clipped a mother carrying her baby as they tried to cross the street, said Lien, who called the police after witnessing the near tragedy. He was acquitted of the top charge of first-degree gang assault. And I make a hard right because I see there’s an opening and I Female passenger killed in one-car accident in Brooklyn.

Shortly lie, on the Henry Hudson Parkway in Upper Manhattanmotorcyclist Christopher Cruz merged in front of Lien and applied his brakes, quickly slowing down before being involved in light bumper contact with Lien’s Range Rover.

NY Daily News: Alexian Lien Testifies in NY Biker Cop Motorcycle Beating Trial

I tried to kick them off and I screamed, “there’s a baby in the car,”‘ [32] Ng said he was unable to pull her out because she had her seat belt on. View author archive Get author RSS feed. The media later reported that the involved bikers liien members of a loose association of high-performance motorcycle enthusiasts known as “Hollywood Stuntz” who had previously been observed and filmed engaging in reckless driving and threatening motorists.

Read Next Assembly votes to extend mayoral control of schools. And prosecutors displayed photos taken right after the beating.


Police have stated that they do not plan to file charges against Alexian Lien. Cruz reportedly sustained minor injuries after being struck by the SUV. Who’s the man behind Hollywood Stuntz? A total of 15 people were arrested, 55 motorcycles were confiscated, and 69 summonses were issued in connection with the September 29 event. During the ride a year prior, “well over a thousand motorcycles, dirt bikesquadsfour-wheel vehicles” rode through Qsian Square, according to New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

Lien was then dragged from the vehicle and assaulted. South China Morning Post.

The video which is asixn higher quality than ones previously seen, shows the mob dragging Lien out of his SUV and then stomping on him.

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Hollywood Stuntz gang assault

Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved February 23, Lien said he was “annoyed” and kept driving past. Eleven bikers were convicted in connection with the attack.

Mckinley June 9, Mckinley June 2, Then he was taken away in ambulance. The scene of the brutal attack on Alexian Lien and aisan wife, Rosalyn. View author archive email the author follow on twitter Get author RSS feed.